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Protection against voltage dips


A decisive criterion for the operational reliability of industrial plants is the optimum energy supply. But there is always a danger lurking: the “hit on the net”. This is the colloquial term for the unavoidable overvoltages and undervoltages that occur, for example, when large loads are switched off or on or when lightning strikes. Corresponding fluctuations threaten to paralyze the plant’s power supply and thus production, which can lead to production downtime and high costs. A solution from RPT Ruhstrat Power Technology intervenes to protect against voltage dips: the Online Voltage Regulation System, or OLIVER for short.

OLIVER is a three-phase active line voltage regulator for highly dynamic correction of symmetrical and asymmetrical voltage dips and/or phase unbalances in the electrical power supply. OLIVER reliably compensates for overvoltages and undervoltages of up to 40 percent. OLIVER stabilizes the network extremely quickly and can be easily integrated into the respective industrial environment.

Technical data

    • Power up to 1800 kVA*
    • Voltage 208….690 V**
    • 1~ Voltage dips:
      • 45%UN – 100% (30 s)
      • 0%UN – 55% (10 s)
    • 3~ Voltage dips:
      • 60%UN – 100% (30 s)
      • 50%UN – 90% (10 s)
      • 40%UN – 75% (10 s)
    • Response time: 140 μs
    • Settling time: < 3 ms
    • Output voltage accuracy: ± 0.2%


* Higher performance optional

** Solutions for medium voltage up to 20 kV on request

Product Brochure: OLIVER - Online Voltage Regulation
Status: 4/2019
Product Broshure: OLIVER - Online Voltage Regulation
Date: 4/2019

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