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OLIVER – Online Voltage Regulation


The online voltage regulator OLIVER provides effective and efficient voltage regulation when processes in industrial or commercial operations require a clean, immediately available and continuous power supply. OLIVER is an inverter-based system that protects sensitive loads in industrial and commercial applications from voltage-induced disturbances. OLIVER which provides fast, precise correction of over- and undervoltages as well as continuous voltage regulation and load voltage compensation, has been specially designed to protect downstream equipment from mains voltage problems

OLIVER uses a booster transformer connected in series with the load. The two inverters that are not on the current path between the load and the mains supply additional voltage via a booster transformer or reduce the voltage as required for continuous, efficient and precise voltage regulation. In addition, the OLIVER has a redundant internal bypass that ensures uninterrupted power supply via the mains in the event of an overload or internal fault.

Technical data

  • Power up to 1800 kVA*
  • Voltage 208….690 V**
  • 1~ Voltage dips:
    • 45%UN – 100% (30 s)
    • 0%UN – 55% (10 s)
  • 3~ Voltage dips:
    • 60%UN – 100% (30 s)
    • 50%UN – 90% (10 s)
    • 40%UN – 75% (10 s)
  • Response time: 140 μs
  • Settling time: < 3 ms
  • Output voltage accuracy: ± 0.2%


* Higher performance optional

** Solutions for medium voltage up to 20 kV on request

Product Brochure: OLIVER - Online Voltage Regulation
Status: 4/2019
Product Broshure: OLIVER - Online Voltage Regulation
Date: 4/2019

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