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Voltage stabilization for low voltage


Operators of machines and plants place high demands on the power supply quality:

  • high security of supply
  • low investment costs
  • effective use of energy (low losses)
  • low maintenance costs
  • qualitative mains short-circuit power

In modern power supply networks, voltage dips or fluctuations cannot be avoided. Stress band injuries are actually on the rise and are often underestimated as a risk industrial production processes. Disturbances lasting as little as 20 ms can lead to considerable production problems. The instability of the supply voltage endangers operational safety, since control devices, for example, react negatively to short voltage dips of only tenths of a second and cause malfunctions or production interruptions. Overvoltages and undervoltages can also lead to undesirable fluctuations in the performance of the equipment – often with serious disadvantages for product quality or the service life of the equipment.

Ruhstrat voltage stabilization systems ensure this quality and protect against overvoltages and undervoltages of up to ± 50 %. Voltage deviations are corrected in real time and the mains voltage is continuously maintained at the setpoint. Deviations from the setpoint voltage are responded to within 140 μs and the voltage is stabilized back to the setpoint value within ≤ 5 ms (settling time).

  • Power up to 3,000 kVA
  • Correction range up to 50
  • Response time: 140 μs
  • Settling time: < 3 ms
  • Output voltage accuracy: ± 0.2%
  • Phase separated control
  • IP20….IP54

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