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Test systems for heating tests


Test systems for heating tests are used, among other things, for testing switchgear and busbars under rated or defined overload in a continuous test.

Depending on the desired control accuracy, the test system consists of a coarse stage as well as a fine stage to increase the resolution for current control. The coarse level is preset coarsely depending on the desired current. The fine stage takes care of the fine control (automatic constant output current). The sinusoidal shape of the test voltage is essential for the reproducibility of your measurements.

Transformer test systems offer the advantage of maintaining a clean sinusoidal waveform applied to the supply on the input side all the way to the device under test by adjusting the amplitude for voltage adjustment. (Exception: the DUT negatively influences the supply). Thus, the measurements are reproducible and no EMC problems will arise.

  • Rated currents up to 30,000 amps AC
  • Rated currents up to 22,000 amps DC
  • Separate modular design of control, actuator and high-current unit
  • High-current unit in protection class up to IP54; protection class 2, installation possible in the immediate vicinity of the consumer – this keeps the line and rail paths short and the voltage drops and rail losses low
Product brochure: Electrical test engineering
Status: 4/2019
Product Broshure: Electrical Test Solutions
Date: 4/2019

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