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NESSY – Mains voltage stabilization system


The energy transition poses major challenges for the grid infrastructure because there is a shift from centralized power plant energy to decentralized grid structures with a high proportion of renewables feeding into low-voltage and medium-voltage grids. Due to this change, that distribution networks become receiving networks, increased local voltage increases can have a negative impact on the voltage quality. If the voltage is too low, machines and devices will no longer function properly. A too high voltage can lead to the destruction of connected machines and devices.

The use of the NESSY grid voltage stabilization system in the low-voltage grid ensures independence from grid fluctuations. In addition, the consumers are supplied electrically and energetically optimally. Controlled and stabilized mains voltage leads to higher operational safety.

NESSY controls and stabilizes the supplied mains voltage and ensures that it is constantly maintained at an optimum level within the scope of EN 50160.

  • Power range 50 – 630 kVA
  • Regulation of voltage fluctuations up to +/- 15%.
  • Existing distribution transformer can be retained
  • Can also be used as string controller
  • Phase-separated regulation of voltage fluctuations
  • Can be used with oil and cast resin transformers
Product brochure: NESSY
Status: 4/2019
Product Broshure: NESSY
Date: 4/2019

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