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EOS – Electronic Online Stabilizer


Safe and reliable power supply is the key to increasing the reliability of your equipment and reducing operating costs. If a stable power supply cannot be guaranteed, unplanned downtime is likely. Classical voltage regulators are convincing due to their efficiency – but cannot compensate for fast voltage changes.

EOS corrects voltage deviations within less than 10 ms, with correction already taking place within 250 μs. Usually, deviations are completely compensated in 2-3 ms. Problems caused by unbalances, voltage increases and dips are compensated for immediately after the system is started, since no batteries need to be charged. The high control speed of EOS is unique and particularly important for protecting sensitive applications even when the nominal voltage returns quickly. EOS uses the proven OLIVER technology and has references in many applications.

  • Power up to 3,000 kVA*
  • Voltage 208….690 V**
  • Response time: 140 μs
  • Settling time: < 3 ms
  • Output voltage accuracy: ± 0.2%
  • Phase separated control
  • IP20….IP54


* Higher performance optional

** Solutions for medium voltage up to 20 kV on request

Data sheet: EOS - Electronic Online Stabilizer
Status: 4/2019
Data Sheet: EOS - Electronic Online Stabilizer
Date: 4/2019

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