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Transformers for fast charging stations


In addition to the complete standard program as a distribution transformer, Ruhstrat is strong in the design and manufacture of cast resin transformers individually tailored to the needs of the customer. These include converter transformers for fast charging stations.

The converter transformers include power ratings up to 10 MVA and series voltages up to 36 kV. Ruhstrat cast resin transformers have a number of features that technically distinguish them from other cast resin transformers and make them a very reliable and safe solution.

To ensure optimum products, materials from first-class suppliers are used, such as grain-oriented electrical sheets, winding material made of aluminum and copper in strip and foil technology, as well as high-quality insulating materials (cast resin, Mylar, Nomex).

For you as a customer, this has the following advantages:

  • High surge voltages are safely handled.
  • Thermal reserves allow overload in a certain time range
  • Temperature shocks are reliably survived without damage.
  • A long service life is guaranteed.
Product brochure: Cast Resin Transformers
Status: 4/2019
Product Broshure: Cast-Resin Transformers
Date: 4/2019

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