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RPT Ruhstrat
Power Technology GmbH

When the brothers Adolf and Ernst Ruhstrat opened their small electrical shop in 1888 in Göttingen, our company’s success story was still unwritten.

Today RPT Ruhstrat Power Technology (RPT) designs and produces electrical test solutions, voltage optimization systems and transformers. In the electrical testing field, RPT specializes in testing facilities for temperature rise, motors and pumps as well as testing systems for high-voltage cables (heat cycle tests). In the area of voltage optimization, RPT relies on over 80 years of experience to offer modern equipment to protect against voltage dips and ensure voltage stabilization.

RPT’s transformer production for low and medium voltage with control cabinets guarantees a continuously high quality of all electrical components.

The entire staff uses our expertise, based on more than 130 years of experience, to absolutely satisfy the requirements of our demanding customers at all times. This is realized by customized solutions, which we develop in close cooperation with our customers. Our only mass produced products are those that meet specific customer requirements.

The expert knowledge about the technology of electrical test solutions, voltage optimization systems, transformers and systems with control cabinets, control and PLC, makes us a strong and innovative partner to our customers.



ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
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