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OLIVER – Online Voltage Regulation

The online voltage regulator OLIVER provides effective and efficient voltage regulation if processes in industrial or commercial enterprises require clean, immediately available and continuous power supply.

OLIVER is a converter-based system which protects sensitive loads in industrial or commercial applications against voltage-caused failures. OLIVER allows fast and precise correction of overvoltage and voltage dips as well as continuous voltage regulation and load voltage compensation, and was especially developed to protect downstream devices against mains voltage problems.

OLIVER utilizes a booster transformer which is connected with the load in series.

Both converters, which are not on the current path between load and mains, provide additional voltage via a booster transformer or reduce voltage, depending on the demand for continuous, efficient and precise voltage regulation. Moreover, OLIVER has a redundant internal by-pass which guarantees the uninterruptible power supply via mains in case of overload or internal failure.

Technical Details

    • Power up to 1800 kVA*
    • Voltage 208….690 V**
    • 1~ Voltage dips:
      • 45% UN– 100% (30 s)
      • 0% UN– 55% (10 s)
    • 3~ Voltage dips:
      • 60% UN– 100% (30 s)
      • 50% UN– 90% (10 s)
      • 40% UN– 75% (10 s)
    • Reaction time: 140 μs
    • Regulation time: < 3 ms
    • Accuracy output voltage: ± 0.2%

    * higher powers optionally

    ** solutions for mid voltage up to 20 kV upon request

Produktbroschüre: OLIVER – Online Voltage Regulation
Stand: 4/2019
Product Broshure: OLIVER – Online Voltage Regulation
Date: 4/2019

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