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NESSY – Network Voltage Stabilization System

The energy revolution is a considerable challenge to the mains infrastructure because there is a development from central power plant energy to decentralized mains structures with a high share of renewable energies, which feed into low voltage and mid voltage networks. Due to this transformation from distribution networks to receiving networks, local voltage increases may have an increasingly negative impact on the voltage quality. Too low voltage leads to malfunctions of machines and devices. Too high voltages may even destroy connected machines and equipment.

By using the network voltage stabilisation system NESSY in the low voltage grid, you will be independent of mains fluctuations. Additionally, all loads are best supplied electrically as well as energetically.

Controlled and stabilized mains voltage results in better operational safety.

NESSY controls and stabilizes the supplied mains voltage and keeps it at optimum level permanently according to EN 50160.


  • Power range 50 – 630 kVA
  • Stabilization of voltage fluctuations up to +/- 15 %
  • Existing distribution transformer can be kept and need not be replaced
  • May also be used as line regulator
  • Phase-separated stabilization of voltage fluctuations
  • Usable for both oil and cast resin transformers
Produktbroschüre: NESSY
Stand: 4/2019
Product Broshure: NESSY
Date: 4/2019

    Contact Person:

    Mr. Martin Fräger

    RPT Ruhstrat Power Technology GmbH
    Heinestraße 12
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    Telefon: +49 (0) 5593 93722-164
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