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Variable Transformers

Variable transformers are used to regulate alternating voltages or currents under load between zero and the nominal value. They are suitable for the power supply to resistive, inductive or capacitive equipment.

In a variable transformer the voltage adjustment is achieved through amplitude adjustment. Variable transformers do not change the curve forms between the input and output voltage and no harmonics or surges are generated.

  • Available as variable toroidal and column-type regulating transformer according to IEC EN 61558-2-14 as well as VDE 0552
  • Voltage up to 1,000V
  • Protection type until IP 54
  • Hard silver-plating of the most important contact points
  • Constantly low transition resistance
  • Less voltage drop due to compensating windings
  • Designed for heavy-duty operation
Produktbroschüre: Säulenstelltransformatoren
Stand: 4/2019
Product Broshure: Variable Column Transformers
Date: 4/2019

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