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Voltage Stabilization for Medium Voltage

Operators of machines and plants are very demanding with regard to the quality of voltage supply:

  • high supply security
  • low investment costs
  • effective energy use (low losses)
  • low maintenance costs
  • qualitative mains short-circuit power

In modern energy supply networks, voltage dips respectively fluctuations cannot be avoided. Voltage range deviations occur even more frequently and are often underestimated as a risk to industrial production processes. Failures of a duration of 20 ms can already result in considerable production problems. Instable supply voltage endangers the operational reliability, as short voltage dips of only tenth of a second have a negative impact on e. g. control devices, and thus may cause malfunctions or production interruptions.

Additionally, over- and under-voltages may lead to unwanted performance fluctuations of plants – with possible sincere disadvantages for the product quality or durability of plants.

Ruhstrat voltage stabilization systems secure this quality and protect against over- and under-voltage. Voltage deviations are corrected in real time and the mains voltage is continuously kept on the desired value.

  • Power up to 5 MVA
  • Voltage up to 20 kV

mains short-circuit strength maximum 100 MVA

Datenblatt: OLIVER – Online High Voltage Regulation
Stand: 4/2019

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